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I Tried The Plant-Based Chips That Supposedly Taste Just Like Bacon

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Celebrating Year Of The Pig With PigOut Chips: How Plant-Based Chips Are Taking On Bacon

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"He [chef Dave Anderson] is one of the very top vegan chefs and he created these
incredible bacon chips that taste like bacon but there’s no pigs harmed!"

Emily Deschanel

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"That tastes exactly like when you have
the crispiest of bacon…that’s super salty satisfying!"

Tina Malave

Host of ABC 7’s Eye on L.A.

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"I just received the chips and bags. Tried a few chips and I gotta say, they really are delicious. Well done!"

Shawn Donnelly

Muscle & Fitness Deputy Editor

Screen shot 2019 03 15 at 12.47.35 pm

" think you're biting into a piece of extra crispy bacon."

Hannah Loewentheil

BuzzFeed Staff


"Well, consider me shocked and surprised. PigOut’s Pigless Bacon Chips taste EXACTLY like bacon, but are made with mushrooms..."

Joey Skladany

Chowhound Managing Editor